The Play Room

When I was younger, maybe 4th grade, we lived in San Francisco for a year while my father did his Masters. I remember them having a lot of younger couple friends but there was one couple who had the best house in the whole world. You walk into the house and they had a sunken living room that was converted into a play room. It was amazing!

They had legos and books and all the board games you can imagine and every time we came they seemed to have a new one for the three of us to play. The best part was the puzzles and gadgets. It was like a touch-and-learn area in a museum of science.

They had the plasma globe and an another globe that was suspended between two magnets that looked like magic. There was a doohickey the rolled on a track from side to side and never stopped (more magnet wizardry) and I remember a tonne of 3d puzzles. 3d puzzles are the best! Anyway, you get the point. A nerdy child’s dream.

We weren’t over there often but everytime was the best day ever. I loved it so much that I always swore that I would have a playroom exactly like that when I grew up. For my kids and my brothers’ kids and everyone’s kids. I knew I wanted have the house that every child wanted to be at just because being in that house brought me so much joy. And the couple were the best people as well. They really spoiled us everytime we visited.

I never forgot that playroom and I actually started collecting 3d puzzles and gadgets. I had a plasma globe and lava lamp too. I have quite a collection in SA. I’ll have to start again unfortunately because most of the cool electronic stuff won’t work here. Sorry plasma globe.

Recently, this couple popped in my mind for whatever reason one day when I was driving home and it dawned on me that they didn’t have any kids. My parents have since lost contact with them so I don’t know if they ended up having kids or if they’re still childless. I wonder if they’re childless by choice or if their playroom was meant for children they didn’t have at the time. I wonder if seeing us in their playroom made them sad if they couldn’t have kids or if they were just the type of people who loved seeing everyone happy. That’s how I remembered them.

I was very excited about creating my own playroom growing up. I’ve had a million ideas but of course in my current situation I keep wondering if my playroom will be for my kids or for my friends’ kids and my husband’s family’s kids.

Not to be a downer but there’s always the possibility that my playroom won’t have any of my children to play in it and that makes me a little sad, but then I remember how awesome the original playroom was and how much joy it brought me when I was there. And I know that the couple loved having us there since they always had new toys for us when we visited and they played with us sometimes. I can only imagine that seeing joy in any child’s eyes is enough, no matter what your situation is and I’m very excited to be able to bring that kind of joy.

So I’m going to continue my collection and our next house is going to have the most epic playroom. Yes, there will be a giant tropical fish tank. And yes, you’re all invited to bring your kids (even if you don’t have kids… there’ll be a plasma globe. No one can resist a plasma globe).


source: wikipedia


13 thoughts on “The Play Room

  1. This is so cool. Now I want to create an awesome playroom too. I love this. Also- I am so very helpful your own little one will be enjoying this room one day. πŸ™‚

      • I am so sorry to hear that. I feel like the hope is really important to helping us get through this hell. Sending you hope and love. Sometimes we need others to have it for us for a bit πŸ™‚

      • It really is very much appreciated. thank you!! I think I’m just trying to protect myself now. I’m think things will get better once I start stims. But thanks for having my back in the meantime. xx

  2. I am sure that this couple were thrilled to see you play in their playroom! For whatever reason they had it…it’s a brilliant idea. It reminded me when we had friends over to stay who had three children of their own and I loved having them play with all our random ‘adult’ toys. I say ‘adult’ toys because they are things like lego, board games, paper planes, wooden puzzles etc. I guess when you don’t have your own children you want to spoil others – it has to be a natural thing!!!! Fish are a great idea!!!! In fact it is a lovely idea full stop πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I’m bummed I had to leave all my “adult toys” back home. I only have a giant stuffed teddy bear now but N’s niece at least likes to check it out when she visits. I need more toys for her at least.

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