Money, Money, Money!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This past week wasn’t a goodie. I was losing sleep calculating how much we’d need for this FET since we’ll be paying out of pocket and every time I was coming up short for when my period is expected to come and I was quickly realizing that I may have to postpone to March and we all know how devastating it is to have to postpone anything IVF land.

I was also making assumptions since I couldn’t fully calculate the cost of the meds because Estrace isn’t on Freedom Fertility’s website, so I was rounding up to $1000 for meds if the clinic only ordered everything from the start of my period to the testing date (about 28 days). I was also fast realizing that I would have to call both Freedom Fertility and my clinic to confirm so I could get some sleep. The 2 imminent phone calls were also causing a bit of anxiety because I was afraid of getting news that It would cost most than $1000. Anything more than $1000 for those 28 days would leave us more broke than I’d like to be in between paychecks. Since hubby started his own business all of that money is going to paying bills and keeping the business afloat so this baby is coming out of our “food,fun,clothes” budget. I’m okay with foregoing fun and clothes but I see a good amount of ramen noodles in our future. Goodbye pizza Friday.

So upon calling Freedom Fertility I was told that Estrace is $4.95… PER PILL!!! I could get 20 mcnuggets for that. Anyway, I don’t know why I was surprised. It’s still way cheaper compared to all the other single dose injections. Buuuut, they also had a generic that was 52 cents per pill! I just had to get my doctor to approve it. Queue cautiously happy dance. This made my Thursday. I couldn’t wait to call my clinic.

JonStewart_HappyBunny-gifThe call to the clinic on Friday could not have gone better. They said the generic was perfectly fine, she’d make sure to call Freedom to let them know and since I’m self-pay this round, they’d make sure that they ordered meds on an “as-needed” basis. Queue seriously happy dance. I’m still smiling as I write this. It’s the little things :).

tumblr_ljyz7yoJNw1qczqmmSo now, I’m not stressed at all about this upcoming cycle. Okay that’s not true. I have one more niggle and maybe someone can share an experience before I make the call to the clinic on Monday. My next worry is what happens to the money I paid if my cycle gets cancelled? Do I forfeit the 2 and half grand I paid them? Have any of you had a cancelled cycle due to a cyst or something? I’m prone to cysts. I had a big op in 2010 to remove 3 bigguns and I’m in constant fear of them coming back. I’m convinced I have one now. Every little cramp feels cystish to me. I’m not so much worried about postponing as I am about losing the money. Ugh, now I’m stressed again.