Sono results

My RE called as I was buying a bag of highly overpriced airport Lay’s. Looks like I’m up for a hysteroscopy when I get back. He said it looks like there may be a polyp.

He wants to do it on day 5 of my cycle but I don’t think I’ll be back home by then. I’m willing my body to bleed late though. According to my period app I should be home on day 10. yeesh. Whatev’s, I’ll just go in in August.

He said half the time it’s nothing and half the time they have to to remove whatever is there. It does sound like the hysterscopy and the removal are 2 separate procedures which I’m not happy with. Why can’t he just do it in one go? I’ll have to ask when I call with day 1.

Oh dear, I just realized I’ll be on new insurance in August so maybe we’ll only be able to do this in September. Ugh.

The trip is going well. I picked up a lovely throat infection and I’m supposed to be working this first week so I’m in pj’s under the covers doing some work while my mum brings me food and meds. I can’t really be mad at that.

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend.