8 on Day 8

I couldn’t do the Ganirelix shot. I held it in my hand ready to go and I broke into a cold sweat. Had to wake N up to do it. How do people give themselves shots? Hats off to you if you’re able. I am not.

We now have 8 follicles growing nicely. I forgot to ask when my expected retrieval would be and also if I’d need to order new meds. Next appointment is Tuesday. I’ll ask then. I’m happy with 8 so far. I’m not going to Google and do comparisons. I have 8. These 8 are mine. I am happy. I talked to my right ovary and she gave me 2. I’m very proud. Well done Righty!

Day 8, IVF 2:
300iu Gonal F
150iu Menopur
1 syringe Ganirelix

E2: 1400
LH: Not given
Lefty: 6 ranging between 10mm and 15mm
Righty: 2 glorious little ones around 12ish mm

Same as before but becoming bearable.

Same old same old

Leftover steak and cheese calzone and calamari.

Moment of Zen:
I love stand up comedy. Love! Here’s Louis CK talking about his daughter playing hide and seek.

3 thoughts on “8 on Day 8

  1. I found the ganirelix to be way easier than any other shots. Like the needles are much sharper or something. I’d just pinch, take a breath, jab, then exhale & inject. It seems more daunting than the others, but I actually ended up preferring it.

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