Thank you

Well we made it! All three of us are sitting on the couch watching tv. It was a good day. A very good day.

Woke up at 6 in good spirits. I even made breakfast before we headed out. It made us a little late for acupuncture but it wasn’t too bad. The drive from acupuncture to the clinic was long. Long enough for doubt to creep in. My good spirits we all but gone when we got there.

Got to the clinic 15 minutes early. The clinic was jam packed with 5 couples ahead of us. They were also running an hour late. I started stressing our more and getting irritated. Someone brought a toddler to the clinic and she was downstairs yelling for her mama forever. Then the couple next to us were chewing gum very loudly. Thank goodness the valium kicked in and I was less tense but still had a bad feeling about everything for some reason. Just generally not feeling confident.

Since it was an hour delay I ended up emptying my bladder three times. When I got back from the 2nd time the young lady next to me asked what time we were going in. They were 15 minutes after us. We chatted for a while. They were the loveliest couple and I felt bad for judging their loud gum chewing. She and another lady across the way had valium as well and the 3 of us had a very spirited, gigglyΒ conversation. The waiting room was abuzz with laughter as we complained about our hatred for Crinone and the fact that we all have to drive hours to get to the clinic. I wish I’d gotten their names because they really made me feel relaxed and in a much better place. She, in particular, was so funny. It was their 2nd transfer as well. I really hope everyone there had good transfers.

Eventually, when they called us back the Valium had worn off and my bladder was getting very uncomfortable. Then the next best thing happened. Our RE walked in. He actually did the transfer! As I was sitting on the table the embryologist walked in and the best best thing happened. I caught a quick glimpse at the picture and I saw 2 bubbles. RE asked if it was hatching and embryologist nodded. I couldn’t believe it!! Our little fighter hatched! It was turning out to be a great day.

Not even the speculum could dampen my spirits. Okay it did a little but everyone was so nice. N held me hand while I gritted my teeth through the pain. There was about 5 minutes where we just had to wait while the embryologist got ready. Luckily it wasn’t an awkward 5 minutes. Everyone was chatting about boats. I think they were explicitly trying to get me to calm down and it totallyΒ worked.

Transfer itself went smoothly. I didn’t have to lay still afterwards. I just emptied my bladder and we rolled out. I don’t think it could have gone any better. I’m so happy our little hatchling made it.

The groupon lunch didn’t pan out because the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays. Ugh. We then googled a mexican place, drove all the way there only to find an empty building. Thanks Google. Ended up finding a brunch hole in the wall and had pretty decent sandwiches.

Thankfully, I could squeeze into my next acupuncture appointment early. Nothing exciting to report there. And now we’re home relaxing to the max.

I must say that the best part of this cycle wasn’t the happy waiting room, nor my RE doing the transfer. Not even the hatching embryo.

The best part was including my family and friends and all of you in this. Last time going through this felt really lonely and this time I felt the love and the collective rooting for our little hatchling and it’s something I’ll always be grateful for. Even if this doesn’t work I’m so happy to have shared it with everyone. No one should go through any part of this journey alone.

Thank you for being there.

[edit: picture removed for anonymity]


41 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Sitting on the cough just the 3 of y’all!! That is such a cool thing to envision and think about. Praying for your uterus to except the embryo and grow an adorable baby!! Sorry when you pray it need to be specific. Lol can’t wait to hear more good news!!

  2. Fantastic news! Sounds like it went so well! I’m so sympathetic about the bladder… I felt mine was going to burst and had to do the “halfway empty” thing which was awful! πŸ˜‚ Wishing you a speedy 2ww!

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