3 and 4dpt

I wanted to do these every day but I don’t have anything of import to report. Obviously no symptoms. So I’m just really trying to keep myself occupied. I found another small project I can do and my good IF friend reminded me that she’d sent me an adult colouring book that I completely forgot about.

I got an old secretary’s desk from N’s gran that I’ve been storing my makeup in (not that I ever wear makeup) and I’ve decided to make it more user friendly. Right now I just have my caboodle in it and it’s a bit of a mess. So yesterday I bought a few makeup organizers to make it pretty and girlie. I even found some fairy lights (I LOVE FAIRY LIGHTS). I have to order a few more things. Like a better mirror etc but I’m a little excited about this. Here are some before pics.


Tonight I’m going to a girl’s night at a friend’s house. I’m making some sausage rolls and cheese puffs for snacks but I have no idea how to explain not drinking. I could use the old anti-biotic excuse but that’s really not me (I usually don’t let anti-biotics stop me from drinking) and I feel like all pregnant women use the anti-biotic excuse and I’d really rather not have people think I’m pregnant and make pregnancy jokes. My other excuse was going to be that I’m quitting for a diet but the problem with that is that we’re seeing the one couple next Saturday as well and if I get a negative I’m definitely going to be drinking and I don’t want to seem like a quitter. Hahaha. OMG, I just realized how silly this all is. It’s N’s best friend from high school so I’m secretly hoping he’ll just tell them so that I don’t have to lie. He’s opened up to J before but I’m not sure if he wants to tell him that we’re in the middle of a tww right now. I’ll ask him later. Let’s see how it goes. Right now the diet excuse is probably going to win because I’m known a serial dieter.

I’m off to acupuncture again. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!

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