IVF: Season 3, Episode 6 & 7

Date: 4.21.16 – 4.22.16

Starring: 75iu Menopur, 300iu Gonal-F, 250mcg Ganirelix, 3mg Melatonin, Ubiquinol, Pre-natal, Vit C, D, E, B12.

Produced by: 8 follicles (5 on L, 3 on R) ranging from 10 – 13 mm. Estrodiol at 1012 on day 7.

Directed by: Slight, very slight tightness in the belly area. Sharp pains on the right and left side. No other symptoms.

Synopsis: So far so good. Let’s start yesterday. No monitoring but N did work late so I had to inject myself. I don’t enjoy it. I prefer that he does it but I got through it, thank goodness. I stabbed myself twice with the Menopur. Not sure if anyone has done this before. I stabbed and got such a fright, I yelped and pulled it out and proceeded to laugh at myself for a few minutes. What an idiot. Got it in the second time. Here’s tidbit of info. When N injects the Menopur I feel the burning around the injection site and to distract myself I scratch next to my belly button. I don’t know why, it’s automatic but it cracks N up all the time. So when I was injecting myself I didn’t have any free fingers to scratch as the medicine was going in because I was holding the syringe with one hand and plunging with the other like a complete noob. I ended up awkwardly scratching with my left pinky. Weirdo. And then I dropped the Gonal-F pen before the injection so it was riddled with tiny bubbles I couldn’t do anything about. I just hope that was the last of the night time injections that I do myself. Menopur is a 2 man job in my house.

So this morning at my appointment I was very happy with quiet nurse. She said everything was good. I saw a good amount of follicles but didn’t ask anything. She just said I’m doing really well and they all seem to be growing at the same rate which is awesome. And to make the day better, they let us leave work early so I was actually able to answer the phone call (No reception in my dungeon office. They must do that on purpose) Sadly, I failed at my ‘blissful ignorance’ pledge. We still have 8 follicles which I think is okay for day 7. They’re ranging between 10 and 13mm. My estrogen is at 1012. I’m not sure if that’s okay but the doctor did say he’s going to push body as much as he can. I’m to keep with the same dose of meds which is fine by me. And I’m to go back on Sunday. It feels like a lot of appointments. I don’t like these people that much. I did have to inject myself with Ganirelix after the phone call. I’ve done this before so it wasn’t a train smash (except for the damned blunt needle). I feel like when you add Ganirelix then you’re almost at the end so, yay.

So, so far so good. I was bummed for a second that we only have 8 but then my IVF friend who I told you about sent a pic of a pregnancy test that was faintly positive at 5dpt so that made my day. Like really really.

Best enjoyed with: Split pea soup yesterday and for lunch today… and tonight I’m breaking the rules with shitty box mac n cheese. yay Friday!



source: upandout

10 thoughts on “IVF: Season 3, Episode 6 & 7

  1. Sounds like things are going well! And congrats to your friend! I hope you don’t have to do your shots yourself anymore, and that your weekend goes well. Good luck Sunday!

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