IVF Round Five

Here we go again! It was touch and go for a few days but here we go again.

I had planned to start this cycle with this month’s period but by Monday I’d started spotting and hadn’t received insurance approval yet. I called the clinic only to find out they hadn’t even sent the request to the insurance! I was shocked.

The nurse told me she’d find out where my request was in the queue and she’d call me the next do to let me know if we can start but it didn’t look good.

The following day the nurse called to say that they wouldn’t be able to send in my request in time and I’d have to do the cycle next month. Sigh. I was very sad but I made peace with it. Decided that more time to prepare can only be beneficial so I was okay with starting next month.

Then Wednesday she called again and turned my world upside down. They’d actually sent off the request the previous day and I had the go-ahead to start birth control. Well I had to do the mandatory preggo test the following morning but for all intents and purposes, we were a go.

So Wednesday was a pretty fantastic day to begin with and then N called to let me know that our new RE contacted him with results from his latest sperm sample that was to be frozen. You’ll remember that we were going to send these results to the urologist to let us know if it was a good sample or not. Well it turns out that the sample was excellent. The count had doubled and the motility was great. Of course since my husband took the call we didn’t get any numbers but I can just get the numbers when I call them again.

We’re still waiting on approval so obviously the thief of joy that this journey is, isn’t letting me celebrate just yet. I’m just taking my pills as instructed. If everything goes according to plan I’ll start stims around the first week of November. We’re doing 300iu Gonal-f and 150iu Menopur. The same protocol from round 2 which yielded or record 3 embryos to test.

So we’ll take it one day at a time and I’ll try to keep a level head but I like the sound of this cycle so far… so far.


25 thoughts on “IVF Round Five

  1. Sounds like the stars are aligning for you miss!!! Good luck with everything I’ll be checking regularly for updates 🙂 keeping everything crossed for you lovely xx

  2. Hi,
    A frind told me to look at it like it is an adventure and try to focus on the positive side. I hope eveeything goes well and this cycle is succesful for you!

    We are going to start our first IVF cycle and at my doctors appointment I got too much info to digest..I have a question maybe you can help? The shot the doctor gives is before or after the hormones you have to inject by yourself?

    • Hi sorry for the late response! I just followed your blog and will be cheering you on for this cycle! Best of luck to you. I’m not quite sure I understand the question so I’m sorry if I get it wrong. All the shots for the cycle you have to do yourself. Including the trigger shot at the end of the cycle. Is that that one you’re referring to? It’s the most scary one if the needle is long and it goes in your butt (not all trigger shots do) but I promise you it doesn’t hurt at all if you follow the instructions properly. You will do great!!! xx

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