We’re about a week an a bit away from transfer. I’ve started taking 2mg of estrogen 3 times a day. I’m still on Lupron but I think that will end on Thursday. My next and possibly final monitoring appointment for this cycle is Thursday morning. Things are running smoothly as usual. And I expect we’ll transfer on the 6th.

One thing we did differently during this retrieval was we joined a study that would tell us whether our embryo(s) had N’s translocation or not. At the time I just signed up for the study because I want to help the science evolve on this. I actually forgot about it. We would have to test the baby once it’s born to confirm any results so I think I just imagined that we would just get results closer to birth or whatever. I don’t know. I just forgot about it.

On Friday our RE called with the results. The embryo has the translocation. We took the phone call in our bedroom. Me standing next to the bed getting dressed for a night out and Lucky and N on the bed watching cartoons on mute. I don’t know how to feel about the news. We’re still going through with the transfer. But my feelings are complicated. My thoughts are muddled.

The only part of the conversation that didn’t sit right with me, that I keep coming back to is he said that since we only have one embryo, these results are just informational. If we’d had more and one or more of them didn’t have the translocation we could opt to use the normal embryos first.


I didn’t like that. I immediately felt protective of my little Dandelion. If it had been in a batch with other embryos who didn’t have a translocation it wouldn’t get picked first. Fuck you Dr P! I mean, I love you and you’re the best doctor but geez man. Our embryo is normal. What is normal anyway?

I just didn’t like when he said that.

But here we are with this information. It’s not going to make us love our child any less. It just is what it is.

Again, I’m still coming to terms with it and my thoughts are too muddled to write coherently. But the bottom line is that Dandelion, for all intents and purposes, is perfect. And genetic testing is a fickle scientific gift.

That is all.

13 thoughts on “Science

  1. Nothing like a doc with a stellar bedside manner! I wish there were more female REs—they’re so much less crass.

    Also, I’m amazed they can even *tell* if an embryo has translocation—science has come so far!

  2. Wow! After 9 transfers I have never heard of this! Like you say though, your emby is perfect and had you not been told this now it would probably have made no difference to you. Good luck with transfer, see you in the 2ww xxx

  3. Sometimes knowing really sucks.
    Our son has a trisomy, but to look at him and interact with him, you can’t tell. Sometimes I wish I never knew so that I could just enjoy his perfection without the bittersweet sadness that comes with it.
    Your embryo, and bubba, will be perfect.

  4. I’m not sure what translocation is, and honestly I’m too tired to Google right now, but I hope it doesn’t get you down too much. I’ve been hoping for an update from you. I’m glad things have been going smoothly for you! Good luck as you get to the end of your cycle, best of luck with your transfer, and hope your tww goes quickly!! 🤞🏻💗

    • Thanks Amy. Not sure if you’ve googled or not but veeeery basically it’s just when 2 (or more) parts of your genes break off and swap places. There’s nothing wrong with you but it can cause miscarriages or live births with various disabilities. RE’s will test for it if you’ve had multiple miscarriages.

      • Oh interesting. I didn’t google because I forgot all about it 🤦‍♀️ We’ve all been sick this week, so it’s been hard to remember anything at all!

  5. That is tough. I’m sorry for the insensitive comment from the doctor, that does not feel good. But I am hoping for all good things for you and Dandelion. ❤️ I’ve looked into translocation a bit and it seems pretty confusing, but I was wondering if they’ve talked about the accuracy of this test, which seems like a new thing? Also seems like something you might not even know you have, is that true? I know there has been research recently on embryos “self-correcting” for things that have shown up in testing… and maybe I just don’t understand it enough, but would that maybe be a possibility for translocation? Anyway, I’m sorry for the added complication. It’s really the last thing you need, to worry about something else. I’m keeping you in my thoughts as you prepare… and hey, we won’t be too far behind you in thawing our own so we will get through this all together. ❤️

    • The test is very new. I read about the accuracy but I can’t remember and I really never considered self correcting. The idea makes me feel better.
      Thank you very much for always being in my corner and know that I’m always in yours. ❤

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