IVF Cycle 5 Begins

I wish I was better at remembering these anniversaries. I was just revisiting my previous cycles and realised that last Wednesday marked 2 years since my first stim injection. It really feels like a longer lol.

I was re-reading specifically my most successful cycle. The one we’re copying now and it turns out it was round about this time as well. I enjoyed reading it. I think I was in a good space as far as excitement and positivity are concerned.

Comparing that cycle to now, the excitement and positivity are lessened somewhat with the memory of four failures versus one. Not to say that I’m not excited and positive. I am. I’m just not as naive as before but I’m trying to not let it get me down.

Anyway, I just finished my last birth control pill last night and when I held it in my hand last night it hit me that there’s a chance that it could be my last bcp ever. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it that way before and that really excited me.

I had my baseline appointment this morning, just waiting on results and instructions but I should be starting stims on Friday. So there will be a full period coming soon. Yay.

This is going to be another boring daily chronicling of a cycle and for that I apologise, ahead of time. I just enjoyed re-reading and I appreciated the details. Thanks 2015 me!

Anyway, I don’t have anything to report today. I didn’t get an antral follicle count at the ultrasound because I didn’t want it to depress me. Other than that, I’ve contacted the genetics lab and we’re all set to go and my meds get delivered today. I’m also confident that the results call today will be good so I guess I’ll just leave you all to it until Friday.

Here’s to an uneventful but speedy week!

Charts and Things

I finally got the time to put all the data from all my cycles into one good looking Excel spreadsheet and draw up a few charts that I thought I’d share with you. Now I just need to find time to figure out how to do a “TTC Timeline” tab on my blog then all the pieces of my life will fall into place :).

Here is some background info on my 4 cycles:

Cycle 1
Protocol: Antagonist
Medication: Menopur 75iu, Gonal-F 150iu, Ganirelix (doses adjusted accordingly)
Trigger: HCG
Cycle Length (stims to retrieval): 13 days
Stim start date: 26-Oct-14
Retrieval Date: 7-Nov-14
Follicle Count at Retrieval: 19
Eggs Retrieved: 14
Eggs Mature: 13
Eggs Fertilized: 7
Day 1 count: 7
Day 2 count: 5
Day 3 count: 3
Day 5 count (biopsied): 2
PGS Normal: 1
Embryo Grade: 2bb

Cycle 2
Protocol: Antagonist
Medication: Menopur 150iu, Gonal-F 300iu, Ganirelix (doses adjusted accordingly)
Trigger: HCG
Cycle Length (stims to retrieval): 12 days
Stim start date: 30-Nov-15
Retrieval Date: 11-Dec-15
Follicle Count at Retrieval: 10
Eggs Retrieved: 12
Eggs Mature: 7
Eggs Fertilized: 7
Day 1 count: 7
Day 2 count: 5
Day 3 count: 5
Day 5 count: 4
Day 6 count (biopsied): 3
PGS Normal: 1
Embryo Grade: 2bb

Cycle 3
Protocol: Antagonist
Medication: Menopur 75iu, Gonal-F 300iu, Ganirelix (doses adjusted accordingly)
Trigger: Lupron
Cycle Length (stims to retrieval): 14
Stim start date: 16-Apr-16
Retrieval Date: 29-Apr-16
Follicle Count at Retrieval: 11
Eggs Retrieved: 11
Eggs Mature: 8
Eggs Fertilized: 7
Day 1 count: 5
Day 2 count: 4
Day 3 count: 3
Day 5 count (biopsied): 1
PGS Normal: Zero 😦
Embryo Grade:

Cycle 4
Protocol: Microdose Lupron Flare
Medication: 10 units Microdose Lupron twice a day, Gonal-F 225iu twice a day, 0.5mg Dexamethasone
Trigger: HCG
Cycle Length (stims to retrieval):
Stim start date: 21-Jul-16
Retrieval Date:
Follicle Count at Retrieval:
Eggs Retrieved:
Eggs Mature:
Eggs Fertilized:
Day 1 count:
Day 2 count:
Day 3 count:
Day 5/6 count (biopsied):
PGS Normal:
Embryo Grade:

Here are my estrogen levels on every monitoring day:estrogen

And here are my total follicle counts on every monitoring day:
follicle count

If you look at these charts you would say that so far cycle 4 is looking like a winner right? But what I’ve found a little dismaying is the day in the cycle that monitoring took place. In our current cycle, my first monitoring appointment was on day 8 which was around the third monitoring appointment for the 3 previous cycles. If you go by this information then the data shows that cycle 4 isn’t showing vastly better results as of yet. See below.

estrogen 2follicle count 2

We still have a few more days to go to get some more accurate data. I just thought I would share what’s been going on in my crazy mind these past few days and of course I’ll update this as more data becomes available.

If anything, I’m glad to have this all in one spot instead of having to read through all my blogs every time I want to remember a bit of information.

Cheers to Excel!