The End of an E.R.A.

Been dying to use that blog title for the longest time šŸ™‚

And thus ends my ERA cycle. I am battered and bruised and so happy that it’s over. 7 weeks total. Here’s the breakdown if you’re interested.

December 25th: Period Starts. Pregnancy test negative duh.

December 27th: Start birth control pills for 3 weeks.

January 4th: Follow-up appointment with RE.

January 10th: Start daily Lupron sub-Q injections.

January 16th: Stop birth control. This is the longest month in human history.

January 19th: Baseline appointment. All systems go!

January 21st: First day of my period. 100 more days of January left.

January 23rd: Start daily 1mg estrogen pills and 1mg aspirin. Increase to 2mg estrogen at some point, then 4, then 6.

February 3rd: Stop Lupron injections.

February 5th: Start nightly Progesterone in Oil intra-muscular injections 1cc.

February 10th: Cycle ends with Endometrial Biopsy. Stop daily estrogen and aspirin.

February 14th: Stop Progesterone injections. Joy!

The biopsy was a nightmare as always and to make matters worse the nurse practitioner said that she had to do 2 biopsies. That was news to me and I actually cried when she left the room for a few seconds. One biopsy was for the ERA lab and the other was to test if my lining had any infections. Same as the first biopsy I had done. They have me scheduled for another HSG in March and I’m going to make them give me harder drugs. My friend B has so kindly offered to take me to the appointment so I hope they can do it on a day that fits her schedule. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to go through that much pain. I’m a woos and I’m proud!

And now we just wait for a period and we can start prepping to bring little Lucky home! I believe it’s suggested that you do another ERA if the result doesn’t come back as receptive but my RE doesn’t seem to think it’s necessary but gave me the choice. I am really averse to doing another one but let’s see if my RE changes his mind depending on what the results are.

So for now we are awaiting our next FET cycle. Big yay!! My app says 5 days til my period starts. Come on body, let’s get this party started!

BTW my ass hurts so much from the PIO shots. I can’t imagine doing them for 12 weeks or more. Besides ice and massaging do you guys have any tips on PIO shots? And itchy!! the injection sites are itchy as hell. I don’t thinkĀ I’m allergic to the oil though. No serious skin reaction. Just itchy. Fun times.





Hysterscopy and Endometrial Biopsy

Well, that sucked.

I’ve written about my first hysterscopy here. This second one was much the same and I was way more nervous because I knew what was coming. Severe cramping for about 2 minutes. Just as I was about to tap out he said he was all done and the pain started to subside. But we weren’t done yet. I was so hoping that he could do the hysteroscopy and the biopsy in one fell swoop but that was not to be my destiny.

As soon as I came to my senses I was asked to sit up with the speculum still in meĀ so that the solution could drain out. That was so weird. It just felt all kinds of wrong and uncomfortable but at least not painful. What was painful was when I laid back down he had to re-adjust the damned speculum. Fun times.

I asked a friend, who had a un-sedated biopsy, what it would feel like and she said that it feels like really awful cramps for 10 seconds and then it would be over. I was shaking and nervous at this point but I figured 10 seconds is bearable. Boy was I wrong.

If you’ve ever had an IUD put in, this is very similar with a much more painful ending. He said he would count to three and have me cough. When he put the torture device in it was a very very sharp cramp that I could locate. Like, I almost knew exactly where he was getting the biopsy from. The hysteroscopy cramp was more of an overall period cramp that radiates down your legs (and up your spine if you’re lucky). This was very localized and had me yelling out explatives as quietly as I could.

Then he counted to 3 and I had to cough but it came out “*COUGH* FUCK! FUCK! *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH* FUCK! *COUGH*”. And I barely heard him say he was all done. Guys, it was terrible. Terrible, I say! That same localized cramp x 10. Terrible.

I was in a shaky haze after that but I did hear that the hyseroscopy was all clear and we’ll get the results of the biopsy in about a week. He also asked me if I’d taken the pain killers I was supposed to (indicating that I am perhapsĀ a wimp). I had, of course. I took a lot more than I should have I’m sure. I just don’t think that Tylenol extra strength does the trick. If I have to do this again (and I seriously hope I don’t) I’m going to ask if I can take something prescribed and possibly have my husband drive me. This was not fun at all.

And there you have it. Again, I’m not the yard stick with which to measure these procedures by as my pain threshold is one above zero. But at least you know how the procedure works if you have to go through it.

I have no idea how I’m going to give birth one day. Goodness me.


modern day torture device