Slow and steady wins the race

We’re now on day 11 of estradiol pills. I had a blood draw on Monday and my estrogen was at 71.8. They want to see it at around 50 so they were happy with that and bumped me up from 1mg twice a day to 2mg twice a day.

I had another draw on Friday and my estrogen was at 158 which she sounded happy about. They then bumped me up to 2mg 3 times a day which I’m to continue until they tell me to stop.

I don’t have any crazy symptoms. I’ve been sleeping really well that’s mostly it. I do feel a little dizzy from time to time but nothing out of the ordinary.

My only real symptom I notice is that I am bruising terribly from all the needles. Acupuncture too which is weird.

20150224_214643 20150224_214652

Everything is moving along slowly but quickly too, if that makes sense. The days themselves are dragging but, my goodness, we have 10 days left. One more weekend and it’s transfer time. Maybe this will be the longest week of my life.

Oh, I remembered another symptom that can be attributed to the asprin probably. I can’t drink anymore, which is greeeaaat! I’ve been trying to drink but I get tipsy way too quickly and not in a good way. I actually had to hand over my beer to the hub last night. Bittersweet.

Okay, I made him go get me cheesecake in the snow earlier and now it’s cheesecake time.

Mwah! Check in after my Wednesday blood work and ultrasound appointment!

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