Come on Righty!

Damn, I just got comfortable with my laptop and I forgot my notes from the phone call in my backpack. Oh well, time to wing it!

I knew my right ovary was going to be difficult. At my baseline appointment she was hiding away and I had to push on my tummy to help the nurse find her. And true to form, she was hiding again today. The nurse said she saw follicles but nothing measurable yet.

Lefty is rocking it, in my opinion. She counted 4 that were around 10 and a few other little ones. Well done lefty!

Next appointment is on Sunday. I’m glad things are moving along. I forgot how quickly this stimulation goes. We’re almost half way already.

Day 5, IVF 2:
300iu Gonal F
150iu Menopur

E2: 402.5
LH: 2.36
Lefty: 2 @10.5mm, 2@10mm, a few more @<11mm
Righty: a few @ <11mm

Just feeling drained.

Getting to the top of the IVF wave where the sun is shining.

I threw a bunch of stuff in a pot and we ate it. I think there was meat and potatoes.

Moment of Zen:

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