Let’s Get Going!

I don’t have anything exciting to report today. These meds are officially kicking my ass. I’m so tired I’m going right to bed after this. And I was so sick last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with violent motion sickness. It felt like I spent all day slamming Jack Daniels in the sun. Ew.

Tomorrow is my first monitoring appointment. Time to kick this cycle into 2nd gear finally.

Day 4, IVF 2:
300iu Gonal F
150iu Menopur

Really tired.
All day nausea. A cosmic joke?


Leftovers from yesterday.

Moment of Zen:
Edit: Actually going to link this entire Buzzfeed article. So funny!
27 Vines That Will 100% Make You Laugh

7 thoughts on “Let’s Get Going!

  1. Interesting most people don’t get sick on the meds but you and I do. I get barfy, too.

    The weird things is it’s a different kind of nausea than morning sickness. But I would have thought since it was all hormonally induced they’d be the same. But no, different. Maybe if this cycle sticks (FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!) you’ll also find you’re more prone to morning sickness, too? It would be interesting to see if there’s a correlation.

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