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If you won the lottery what would you change on your body? If you say nothing, I don’t want to friends with you… Just kidding but man, that would be awesome. I actually think for the most part I’ve made peace with my lumpy bumpy areas and such but one part I have always wanted to fix is my damned teeth.

I’ve hated them my whole life. Well as long as I’ve had them anyways. I had braces for a bit but let’s just chalk it up to an unqualified dentist. So here I sit with a messed up grill and years of insecurity about my smile.

So I finally went to see someone about my pearly yellows and looks like I’ll be getting braces in 2016. I met with a dental surgeon yesterday and he was like “Ew, I can’t fix this, go see an orthodontist”… I’m sure he used more professional language and he was actually very nice and made me very excited about my options but it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a bit dramatic.

So I’m off to see the orthodontist in 27 days! N is worried that I’ll have to get the old school train track looking ones. I am just excited to be getting my teeth fixed! I’ll even go so far as to say I’m a teensy bit more excited than I am about egg retrieval. Just because I know the outcome of this will be awesome.

It’s going to be a great December, everyone.

Day 3, IVF 2:
300iu Gonal F
150iu Menopur

Injection site sensitive. Found a bruise from yesterday.
No more dizziness
No more funny taste
Period seems to have ended. Happy day.
Twitches felt in abdomen. Whoop!

Read above about teeth. This is overshadowing any fear/anxiety of IVF process.

Roasted chicken
Sweet potatoes
Cheesy cauliflower gratin

Moment of Zen:
So cheesy but I lol’d.


11 thoughts on “In Other News

  1. Yay for fixing your teeth! I have crazy crooked bottom teeth so I think I would change that. Keep us posted. I have always wondered about Invisalign

  2. That’s great! There’s something to be said for paying money for a procedure (or, in this case, braces) and actually knowing you’ll get the outcome you were hoping for. I think I would rather just be able to work less so I’d have more time to get in shape. Also, I want smaller hips, but I don’t think there’s a surgery for that!

  3. My wife had her teeth fixed last year, and had the option of old school braces or invisalign. She went with the Invisalign, but hated it and would’ve gone with the old school braces if she had to do it again. They basically cement little hooks onto your teeth for the trays to clip onto, and those hooks rub on your cheeks and make them raw. She basically called it the best weight loss strategy ever. Also, you have to wear the trays for at least 20 hours a day, which seems easy, but is a real pain in the butt to keep track of.

  4. So exciting about getting your teeth fixed!

    If I hit the lottery I would want to change my nose. It’s not huge, but bigger than it should be, and it is always so darn red! Always! Which makes it stand out even more!

    Also, love the meme. I think I’m going to scroll through and read it a few more times. It makes me laugh 🙂

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