I didn’t get a call on Sunday for some reason but yesterday I heard that we only have three embryos left on day three.

I cried. Will we ever get more than 3 embryos to biopsy? The numbers are just getting worse and worse the more cycles we do. If this cycle fails I’m going to start looking at other clinics. And I really don’t want to do that. I love my clinic. I despise the distance with every ounce of my being but I know that driving in to Boston for appointments and such isn’t going to be fun either. Do I just stay the course then? Because the commute is my only gripe at this stage.

Anyway. So, three. They supposed to be biopsied tomorrow. Please please please guys, just hang in there. We need some good news, please.

45 thoughts on “Please!

  1. I am praying for you my friend.
    Lets not be negative and write this cycle off. You just need that 1 golden egg. Think positive and draw the positive energy to yourself.

  2. I am hoping that those amazing little 3 do great once biopsied. I’m hoping one of those 3 is the one!
    Well I don’t want to focus on the potential negative, I’m always a fan a second opinions. Maybe it’s worth just getting a second opinion from another clinic if this cycles results are less then ideal?

    • Thank you! I’m going to speak to N about it. We chose this clinic from a Google search and did no other research. I never doubted our decision and I feel guilty about doing it now. Ugh.

  3. Sending all the good thoughts! Go embies, goooooo! I’m with MPB in that I’m a huge fan of second opinions. Hopefully this cycle works though and you don’t need one!

  4. Grow, grow, grow. Sending
    you all the best from NYC. I HATED the 5 day wait. I was just a mess. I feel you, lady. 😦

  5. I forgot to say…we sent off just two little embryos for biopsy last October and both came back balanced or normal…so it can happen. Got everything crossed for you. XXX

    • Thank you! So glad you found me too! I only know of two other Boston-area IVF blogs. Everything of the best with your upcoming cycle!! Do you do your monitoring and retrievals/transfers at IVFNE in Lexington? No need to answer that if you want to be private though :).

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