It Only Takes One

Well that’s all we have left so hopefully this old saying rings true.

My husband said the other night that hopefully his father will help us out this round. If you’re out there dad, you’re certainly keeping us on our toes but we will of course name the baby after you if you let us keep it.


Thanks for the continued prayers and support and crossed fingers. I really appreciate all of you. I’ll have results next week.

❤ ❤



I didn’t get a call on Sunday for some reason but yesterday I heard that we only have three embryos left on day three.

I cried. Will we ever get more than 3 embryos to biopsy? The numbers are just getting worse and worse the more cycles we do. If this cycle fails I’m going to start looking at other clinics. And I really don’t want to do that. I love my clinic. I despise the distance with every ounce of my being but I know that driving in to Boston for appointments and such isn’t going to be fun either. Do I just stay the course then? Because the commute is my only gripe at this stage.

Anyway. So, three. They supposed to be biopsied tomorrow. Please please please guys, just hang in there. We need some good news, please.