February 16th

How can one be too busy to blog but not have any exciting updates when one has a second to sit down and type? Hmmm.

Of course I have an IVF update but nothing else exciting. On to business then, I suppose.

I thought Friday was cycle day 1. I even called the clinic and spoke to a brandy new nurse, D, to get instructions. I was to go for my baseline ultrasound and blood work on Sunday. I was a little nervous about that because N did not want us driving to far-away land in the snow storm. D assured me that they would be open because Bostonians laugh in the face of snow storms and that I should woman up be there.

But when I got home my period had mysteriously stopped. Well not too mysteriously because this has happened to me before and incidentally Amy M. from My Brain’s Escape (Shout out to you, girl!) had just written about this in her blog and it seemed I fell victim to breakthough bleeding as well *shakes fist in the air*.

All of Saturday nothing was happening down there and then Sunday morning she showed her face again, in a big way. I called again on Sunday already having missed my baseline appointment (truth be told, I was a little relieved because I didn’t want to shovel at 5am). D didn’t seem too thrilled that I missed my appointment and he kept questioning me about this apparent breakthrough bleed. “Are you sure you didn’t bleed at all yesterday?”… “Well, we’ll see if it’s a true baseline when you come in on Tuesday”… I miss my old nurse.

Today is Tuesday. My lining is thin, my ovaries are happy and the FET process has begun. I’m to start estrodiol tablets this evening (1 tablet twice a day and 81mg of asprin) and my next appointment for bloodwork only is on Monday and the estimated date of transfer is February 16th.

How am I feeling? I know Feb 16 is ‘around the corner’ but it feels like the longest corner in the history of corners. I’m feeling impatient. Very impatient.

But we are officially 3 weeks away from seeing our little fighter. I remember being annoyed that I had to wait 4 weeks for my period to start the FET and it really feels like that went by in a flash. So here’s hoping the trend continues. I’m going to need to plan something fun for us to do these next 3 weekends. Come on Groupon!

21 thoughts on “February 16th

  1. How bizarre that the same thing happened to both of us for our FET cycle!!! Mother nature is such a big B!! I’m still calling it that Saturday was my cd1, but I think my clinic is saying that Monday is cd1. I haven’t gone in for a baseline, my clinic doesn’t do that until about a week before transfer. Still waiting on the lab to determine when that will be. I’ll post tomorrow, should have news by then. Hang in there…you’re about a week behind me, so I can let you know how things go so you know what to prepare for!! Good luck to us!

  2. I gotta say I’m jealous you get to take the Estradiol tablets instead of the Delestrogen injections. My RE says the IM shots give me the best chance but my insurance covers Estradiol because it’s one of those pills that’s got non-infertility uses as well. So I get to pay out of pocket, grrrrr. We’ll see if he’s right this time around!

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